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D100 Series Air Dryers

Air Dryers safely remove moisture from your compressed air that might otherwise damage your equipment. Integral Systems Air Dryers are engineered for use with Laboratory Abrasive Blasters, Air Driven Handpieces and any system where Dry Air is required.

D100 Series Air Dryers come complete with Manual Drain and Easy-Fit connections to adapt directly to your air line. Models that include pre-filters increase the life of the submicron paper filter element.

Standard Features:

  • Submicron filtration
  • 1/4" easy-fit connections with 2 outlet ports

Model ISI-D100D (shown)

  • 10.5cfm at 80psi

Model ISI-FD100D

  • Includes 5 micron pre-filter
  • 9.5cfm at 80psi

Model ISI-FD100DGR

  • Includes 5 micron prefilter
  • Includes regulator and gage
  • 9.5cfm at 80psi

Air Dryer Supply Items:

Replacement filters are available from our Dealers. If you need help locating a Dealer, please call or email our office.