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Abrasive Blasters — X-blast!

The professional micro-abrasive X-blast! system is engineered to meet the heavy demands of today’s laboratory professionals.

This heavy production system is the only blaster system that can be configured for use with Aluminum Oxide, Glass Bead and Walnut Shells! It is also the only blaster system with the exclusive Instant Off/Variable Flow Handpiece!

  • Spacious work chamber with hinged window and see-through easy blaster tanks
  • Available with one, two or three X-blast! tanks to accommodate 25 to 250 micron Aluminum Oxide, Glass Bead and Walnut Shells
  • X-blast! tanks are completely compatible with previous generations
  • See-through easy refill tanks allow for independent easy in-lab maintenance
  • Includes Foot Control, and adjustable Air filter-regulator with gauge
  • Each Xblast! tank has an individual Instant Off/Variable Flow Handpiece
  • Blast Proof Steel work cabinet (13”x13”x9” high) with fluorescent light

Model ISI-BX3

  • As shown in picture – includes 3 tanks

Model ISI-BX2

  • Same as pictured item except – includes 2 tanks

Model ISI-BX1

  • Same as pictured item except – includes 1 tank

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